Turning sustainable development goals into concrete solutions and opportunities!


To raise awareness of sustainable development even more, ECU organizes the ECU Sustainability Awards.

The ECU Sustainability Award is a prestigious recognition for all those who incorporate the principle of sustainability into their activities, operations and daily practices. The award brings high visibility in the form of renewed public interest and increased media coverage. A total of 9 Awards will be attributed in the 2021 edition of the ECU Sustainability Awards!

The winners of the awards will be announced during the European Circular Retail Congress, which will take place on October 27th and 28th, 2021 in Warsaw. 


At European Conferences United we are working with our partners to raise awareness of sustainable development by showcasing some of the greatest innovators, mobilizers and communicators while celebrating the achievements of the retail and FMCG industries in Poland in the field of sustainable development.


If your company has taken great initiatives in the past 12 months, I would be happy to recommend and encourage you to take part in ECU Sustainability awards.


As a manager, you know very well that recognition and attention, certainly in the field of sustainable development, can be a great development catalyst for your own sustainable practice and can also contribute to the sustainable development of the entire business society in Poland!


So we look forward to showcasing some great initiatives at the European Circular Retail Congress in October and it would be fantastic if your initiatives were there too! 

Joanna Gajek-Donizak Conference Director Retail/FMCG ECU

Henkel Sustainability Award in Retail 
Proud Partner


As a leader in sustainable development, Henkel wants to pioneer new sustainable solutions and at the same time manage the business in a responsible manner and ensure the economic success of the enterprise. This approach characterizes all our activities - along the entire value chain. We would like to share our enthusiasm for sustainable development.


I am happy and proud that we can be a partner of the sustainable development award for retail chains in Poland, as this idea is very close to my heart. I look forward to celebrating with the winners at the European Circular Retail Congress in October!




What is it? 

It is a unique award given annually to retail chains, FMCG / CPG companies and solution providers for the best solutions in the field of sustainable development. 


What initiatives will be awarded? 

Every initiative / project that makes an effective contribution to the company's sustainability development in any area of ​​corporate activities and clearly addresses the three dimensions of sustainable development 

  • Environmental stewardship 
  • Economic efficiency 
  • Social solidarity


Why is it worth taking part in the competition? 

  • To gain recognition and appreciation in your own company and in the market 
  • Encourage your team members to be even more innovative 
  • Receive free invitations to the European Circular Retail Congress and the unique awards ceremony that will take place during this event. The invitations are addressed to everyone involved in the sustainable project submitted 

Who can take part?

The application process is open to 3 stakeholder categories:

  • FMCG Retail Chains
  •  FMCG companies
  • Retail/FMCG Solution Providers


How to take part?

  • If you would like to find out more details about the award first, please read the regulations here.


  • Final applications can be submitted until October 1, 2021 


Winners of the first edition 

The winners of the 1st edition of the ECU Sustainability Award for Retailers:

Kaufland Polska Markety 

Category Food Retailer 

Ikea Retail Poland 

Category non-Food Retailer

The winners of the 1st edition of the ECU Sustainability Award for FMCG companies:

Procter & Gamble 

with regards to Innovative Packaging

Stella Pack 

with regards to  Sustainable Production


with regards to Supply Chain Transformation

If you have any questions about the awards and the submission process and rules, please contact;