Welcome to the ECU Sustainability Awards, held in conjunction with the European Circular Retail Congress during the Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2024

From the CEO of European Conferences United

Elevate your brand, champion sustainability, and drive commercial success with the prestigious Sustainability Awards!

As CEO of European Conferences United, I invite sustainability leaders to spotlight their achievements at the ECU Sustainability Awards, integral to the Poland & CEE Retail Summit 2024 on April 9 and 10. This prestigious event is your stage to compete for recognition, presenting your innovative sustainability initiatives to over 3,000 industry professionals. Our gala night on April 9 will celebrate your contributions, while the European Circular Retail Congress on the second day offers a special platform to showcase your commitment to a more sustainable society.

This is more than just an awards ceremony; it's a chance to inspire change and lead the sector towards a more sustainable and circular future. Take this opportunity to elevate your initiatives, gain industry-wide recognition, and contribute to our collective environmental goals. Let's come together to celebrate innovation and set new benchmarks in sustainability. I invite you to submit your entry and to join us in driving transformative change.

Casper Haring CEO European Conferences United


Empowering Retailers, FMCG Producers, and Solution Providers

The ECU Sustainability Awards are open to:


Henkel Sustainability Awards for Retail

For Retailers who are redefining the shopping experience with sustainable practices.

FMCG Producers

LPR / Europool Sustainability Awards for FMCG

For FMCG Producers committed to producing goods that are as good for the planet as they are for the consumer.

Solution Providers

European Circular Retail Foundation Awards for Solution Providers

For Solution Providers offering innovative services or technologies that help retailers and FMCG producers enhance their sustainability.


The ECU Sustainability Awards are structured to showcase sustainability efforts in the Retail and/or FMCG sectors, offering companies the opportunity to highlight their initiatives in three distinct sub-categories:

Sustainable Leadership and Excellence Category:
This premier category acknowledges organizations that excel in weaving sustainability into their corporate fabric, setting visionary goals, and achieving high compliance standards. It's a celebration of companies that lead with innovative strategies and surpass industry benchmarks, showcasing their commitment to sustainable leadership and operational excellence.

Commercial Category:
Focused on project-based initiatives, this category highlights efforts that utilize market presence to foster sustainability. From impactful marketing campaigns and product innovations to engaging consumer strategies, it's an opportunity to showcase how your commercial actions contribute to advancing sustainability within the market.

Operational Category:
Dedicated to recognizing project-based improvements in internal operations, this category applauds efforts in enhancing supply chain management, production processes, and overall operational efficiencies for a sustainable impact. It celebrates the concrete steps organizations take to embed sustainability into their daily operations.


Sustainable Leadership and Excellence Category:
This category is reserved for organizations that integrate sustainability into the heart of their business strategy, showcasing innovation alongside strict adherence to compliance. Each company is invited to submit one entry in this category, highlighting their overall approach and commitment to sustainability leadership.

Commercial and Operational Categories:
For companies focusing on specific, impactful projects that have driven sustainability forward in either commercial endeavors or operational improvements, the Commercial and Operational Categories are designed for multiple submissions. This allows organizations to showcase the breadth and depth of their sustainability projects, with the freedom to submit as many entries as they have distinct projects in these areas.

This structured approach ensures that companies have the opportunity to present a holistic view of their sustainability efforts—whether through a single, comprehensive strategy or multiple, project-based initiatives or both. It’s a call to join a community of leaders and innovators dedicated to fostering a sustainable future in the retail and FMCG sectors.



  • Participation Is Free and Open
  • Engaging in the ECU Sustainability Awards is entirely free of charge for all categories and sub-categories, ensuring no barriers to showcasing your sustainability initiatives.
  • Our expectations are simple: compelling submissions that reflect your commitment to sustainability
  • There are no obligations for entering, but we invite all participants to attend the award ceremony on April 9, starting at 18:00.
  • Should your entry be nominated, we anticipate either your presence or that of a company representative at the gala. Additionally, nominees may be approached to share insights into their strategies or projects during a panel discussion the day after the ceremony, although there is no obligation to accept this invitation.



  1. Express Your Interest: Register your intent to participate here by Friday March 8, 2024. This initial step is crucial for us to acknowledge your interest and prepare for your submission.
  2. Prepare Your Submission: Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive set of materials within 24 hours to guide you in structuring your submission effectively. Additionally, knowing from whom we can expect a submission helps us make the final selection of jury members, ensuring there are no conflicts of interest and maintaining the integrity of the awards process.
  3. Submit Your Entry: Complete your award submission till Friday March 15, 2024. This is your opportunity to shine and showcase your sustainable practices and innovations.
  4. Further Information: We may contact you for additional details or to clarify any missing elements in your submission till March 21, 2024.
  5. Nomination Notification: Till March 29, 2024 latest, you will be informed if your entry has been nominated to win an award in your respective category and sub-category.
  6. Award Ceremony: Mark your calendars for the evening of April 9, starting at 18:00, where we will celebrate your achievements and the collective effort towards sustainability.


 As a leader in sustainable development, Henkel wants to be a pioneer of new sustainable solutions, and at the same time manage the business in a responsible manner and ensure the economic success of the enterprise. This approach characterizes all our activities - along the entire value chain. We would like to share our enthusiasm for sustainable development.

I am happy and proud that we can be a partner of the sustainable development award for retail chains in Poland, because this idea is very close to my heart. I look forward to celebrating with the winners at the European Circular Retail Congress in April!


For any queries or support during the submission process, reach out to:

Erika Kuleshova Program & Speaker Manager EUROPEAN CONFERENCES UNITED

Mobile: +48 574 575 503


What is it?


An annual accolade recognizing retail chains, FMCG/CPG companies, and solution providers for outstanding sustainable development solutions.


What initiatives will be awarded? 


Efforts that significantly advance sustainability across corporate activities, including comprehensive strategies and specific projects, addressing:

  • Environmental stewardship
  • Economic efficiency
  • Social solidarity


Why participate?

  • Elevate Your (Personal) Brand: Stand out as a sustainability leader, gaining recognition and inspiring your team.
  • Exclusive Networking: Enjoy gala invitations and connect with industry leaders at the awards and the European Circular Retail Congress.
  • Amplify Your Impact: Winners gain additional exposure, sharing their sustainability success on an international stage.

Who can participate?


Open to three main categories:

  • Retail Chains
  • FMCG Companies
  • Retail/FMCG Solution Providers


How to take part?

  • For registering your initial interest and obtaining more information, click here.


  • Register your interest here by Friday, March 8, 2024 latest! Submit final applications by March 15, 2024. Join us for the prestigious awards ceremony on April 9th, 2024, followed by the European Circular Retail Congress on April 10th, 2024, where winners will enjoy additional recognition.


To review the winners of the previous editions, please visit the homepage. You will find them at the bottom of the page.